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Marci Spiegler

I devise customized wellness strategies for groups, individuals, and organizations by incorporating somatic education, breath work, and guided imagery. I usually work with clients in person. However I have also successfully helped people in Bermuda and San Diego move out of pain via phone sessions from my West LA location.

By observing your patterns of posture and movement I can help you identify habits that hinder you, explore novel options, and rediscover the pleasure of more efficient, effective, comfortable work and play.  

I love creating conditions that nurture learning...biology at Santa Monica College, somatic education via The Feldenkrais Method® and Bones for Life®, reduction of pain and stress through guided imagery and a variety of somatic techniques. Helping my students develop a more accurate self image, greater appreciation of their potential, recognize their roles in the larger community, integrate what they learn into their daily lives, and live from a place of empowerment excites me.

Creativity and beauty inspire me. Communing with elephant seals on the California coast, nurturing a garden, creating ceramic art - functional and whimsical, writing poetry, reading, singing, cooking, and dancing energize me. Connecting with friends and family warms my heart.   

In addition to my private practice, I volunteer teach a weekly Awareness Through Movement class at the Cancer Suppport Community - Benjamin Center in West Los Angeles .The class is freeto people whose lives have been touched by cancer - patients, survivor's, thier families and friends.

Testimonials about Marci’s Work:

"For those of you who don't know, find out about the Feldenkrais Method right now.  You will never be sorry, especially if your practitioner is Marci Spiegler.  Ms. Spiegler brings all the knowledge, flavor, and philosophy of this gentle, healing experience to everyone who works with her.  I look forward to each session as I would to being flown round the world free of charge.  And I leave every session having made my body and my mind happier, healthier, calmer.  What is more, the effects of Marci's work is cumulative.  You get better, no matter what ails you, and you stay better consistently.  I've had lots of practitioners in my life and, at 72, I believe I can say without a doubt that Marci is one of the best." Hedwin Naimark, PhD., Psychologist and Consultant


“Marci's knowledge and sensitivity have helped me deal with pain & related immobility issues. She helps train your brain to move your body in healthier, less painful ways. If you have back pain, for example, she can help you find ways to get in and out of a car or bed, so you can stop tweaking and exacerbating "hot spots". Marci is helpful with both chronic and acute pain & mobility limitations. If we grew up with guidance like she's given me, we'd have much more flexible, relaxed, pain-free bodies. (Never heard of Feldenkrais? You don’t know what you’ve been missing!)”  Marilyn N., Los Angeles 

I feel so relaxed and it is so much easier for me to move. After class my neck and shoulder are much looser and I feel all the tension in my back has disappeared. Often, I have had so much energy after class I feel like doing some kind of exercise. F.B., Los Angeles 

“Marci is, simply, brilliant and fantastic. I have been a practicing chiropractor for 14 years and she is one of the best Feldenkrais practitioners I have ever used. I had a flare-up with a hip problem after sitting for hours at a seminar and she was able to quickly address the issue effectively and permanently. I highly recommend Marci to any clinic or practitioner who is interested in Feldenkrais with their patients.”
Dr. Lynn Kerew

“I have been honored to work with the talents and compassion of Marci Spiegler as co-teachers in the Feldenkrais Method and assisting 5th grade students with sensory motor learning with a pilot educational program. She is one of the most dedicated and compassionate people I know and recommend her highly.”  Stacy Barrows , Owner PT , Century City Physical Therapy

Moshe Feldenkrais
Photos courtesy of the Feldenkrais Institute, Tel Aviv

Feldenkrais®, Feldenkrais Method®, Awareness Through Movement®, Functional Integration®, are registered service marks of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America. Feldenkrais Method® photos by Rosalie O'Connor. Other photos used by permission.

I have also studied Bones for Life® with it's founder, Ruthy Alon. Bones for Life is based on the Feldenkrais Method. Ms. Alon was one of Feldenkrais' first students. in Bones for Life® she has incorporated gentle, mindful, rhythmic resistance movements to enhance muscle tone, circulation, balance and coordination. Ruthy was inspired by observing the easy grace with which African women carry heavy loads on their heads. 

Early this year I will add Bones for Life classes to my current class schedule.

Ruthy Alon 

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